Project 27Y(a) - Cuyahoga Viaduct Phase 1A Bulkhead Repair

Solicitation #: 2022-111
Pre-bid Meeting:
Pre-bid Meeting Location: 1820 Merwin Ave., Cleveland, OH
Responses due:
Location: 1240 West Sixth St, Cleveland OH 44113
Contract Administrator: L. Catalusci
Phone: 216-356-3137

This project is located adjacent and below the Cuyahoga Viaduct Bridge south of Merwin Avenue and west of Columbus Road in the City of Cleveland. The project involves repair of the steel bulkhead for an approximate length of 120’ along the Cuyahoga River, adjacent to Pier 5 of this bridge. New steel sheet wall driven immediately in front of the existing wall includes steel rod tiebacks and driven steel H-pile anchors landward behind the wall adjacent to the pier. Site work includes a repair to the drainage outfall into the river, brick paver/concrete sidewalk removal/restoration and seed/mulch operations.  Pre-Bid Meeting Summary has been added.

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